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Junk Bros is the #1 rated junk removal and hauling service in Boise. Our trash disposal is easy and worry free. We guarantee all our work! Junk Bros offers professional junk removal serving Boise, Idaho and all of the surrounding cities of the Treasure Valley. We remove junk for both residential and commercial customers, and are dedicated to providing superior service. Let us help you in removing all your unwanted items. We recycle and donate whenever possible! Contact us today to schedule a free no-obligation estimate to get started.

Proudly offering junk & trash removal services in Boise, Idaho and the entire Treasure Valley.

Open Monday thru Saturday 8am-5pm . Please call us for Sunday or holiday scheduling. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.
Fully Licensed, Bonded, & Insured

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How Our Junk Removal Service Works

Looking for a junk removal company that’s reputable and affordable? At Junk-Bros. we make junk removal simple, cost-effective and convenient. We offer residential & commercial junk removal and hauling services. We can take items big or small and get rid of them for you. Check out our pricing page for more information on pricing.

1. Contact us to Book an Appointment

We agree on a two hour arrival window that will work best for you to come to your location. One of our friendly Junk Bros. members will give you a courteousy call when they are on their way.

2. Free No-Obligation Estimate

On-site estimate. You tell us what you need hauled away and removed and we provide you with an exact quote. Absolutely no hidden fees and costs. All pricing is upfront and must be signed by you before we begin the job.

3. Kiss your JUNK Goodbye

Once the price is set and confirmed, we get to work in removing all the junk and cleaning up of the property. Our team members are trained and professional, and will treat your property like their own. Take a nap and relax. We gotcha covered!

4. Donate and Recycle

We sort through the removed junk and dispose of properly. We focus on donating and recycling as much as we can to local centers throughout the Treasure Valley, avoiding the landfill as much as we can. Go Eco with Junk Bros.

The Junk Bros Guarantee

Flexible Schedule – Guaranteed free, no-obligation estimate. This will be in writing with no hidden fees or charges. We will work with you in scheduling a time that best suits your needs to start the job.

Communication – Guaranteed to call you before we arrive 15-30 minutes before to let you know we’re on our way. We care about our customers and strive to make your experience with us both exceptional and to your satisfaction.

Great Low Prices – Guaranteed competitive pricing on all junk removal services and will perform each job with courtesy and professionalism. Eco-friendly and hassle free with no hidden fees or charges.

Easy and Reliable – Guaranteed to be fast, efficient, and offer the best prices in the industry. Contact us today to get started and scratch this to-do off your list.

Our Blog

5 Signs of a Great Junk Removal Company

You’ve decided that you don’t have the time, or the energy, to get rid of the junk on your own and it is time to call in the pros. How do you know what to expect? What questions should I ask? Here are some things to look for when making that decision!

Enough Equipment

One could probably add, “the right equipment” under this heading as well! If you went into a dentist’s office for a cleaning and they didn’t have half of what they needed, wouldn’t you be confused? It’s works the same with a junk removal company, having the proper equipment is necessary for doing a quality job. Do they have access to a front end loader if the job calls for heavy equipment? Think about what you’re having removed and ask probing questions about the methods they may employ.

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Does Someone You Love Have a Hoarding Problem?

As junk removal pros, we’ve seen just about everything! If you can imagine it, we’ve probably removed it from someone’s home. One of the most difficult things to see is someone that’s been overcome by hoarding. By the time we’ve been called in things have gotten out of control and the damage has been done. The Boise area is no different from the rest of the country. There are people here in the valley struggling with this issue. If you need help, you can always call us for a free estimate. We’ll be happy to help and we’ll be discreet. Here are a few signs to look for if you suspect your loved one may have a hoarding problem.

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Two Questions to Help You Decide if You Should Hire a Junk Removal Company

Nearly every day we come across a situation where we must decide if it’s smarter to hire professionals or if we’re going to do the job ourselves. Think of it…should I file my taxes myself? Should I cut down that dead tree in the backyard myself? Should I pull this tooth myself? Ok, the last one may be a big extreme, but you get point. It just depends on how comfortable you are doing the job and if it’s more economical to do it yourself versus hiring a pro. Here are a couple of questions to consider if you have junk that’s got to go!

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